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Lasers have been used in dentistry now for over 15 years.  Their popularity is increasing both in Australia and world-wide.

They have many uses, including

  • Densensitizing
  • Preparing tooth surfaces
  • Cutting (tooth, gum, bone)
  • Control bleeding
  • Sterilizing areas of infection

They are often used as an alternative or and adjunct to the drill.

In many cases, tooth preparation with a laser does not require anaesthetic (injections).  For larger fillings we sometimes recommend anaesthetic still.

The strength of the laser can be adjusted, which will alter the sensation and sound you hear.  Because we can alter the strength, we can chose to make the laser strong enough to cut only decay, and not surrounding healthy tooth.

The size of the laser beam is much smaller than a standard drill, which makes it an excellent conservative option.  Sometimes the procedures take a little longer because of this.

Using a laser can improve how well a filling bonds to the tooth surface.

The area it cuts creates a completely sterile environment, which is particularly useful when removing decay.  Also, where the gum needs re-shaping, this means that the area is much cleaner, and will heal faster, with less discomfort.

If there is a localized area of infection, a laser can be used to sterilize and kill 99.99% of all the bacteria.

We use both an ER:yag and PAD laser at Gilbert Street Dental.